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Our gift certificates are usable throughout the current season and for any of the disciplines.

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Choose your skiing

water skiing

the turn from
35 €

Or how to extend the pleasure of skiing in summer.


the turn from
35 €

In winter are you snowboarding rather than skiing?

wake surf

the turn from
37 €

In summer, you'd rather be surfing...


1h from
190 €

For more leisurely sensations…

Gift Idea

The Super Coaching

You dreamt about it, Bluewake has made it for you.

Embark upon a 1 hour lesson with an instructor there just for you. Alternate between skiing and debrief sessions with videos analysis. It is you who sets the "tone". Whatever the chosen discipline waterskiing, wakeboarding or even wake surfing, you progress according to your level and at your own pace.

100 €

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